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Four Tips for Hardwood Floors & Pets

Jan 17

Four Tips for Hardwood Floors & Pets

If you have pets, hardwood flooring is easier to maintain than carpeting. You should be aware of some things when you have hardwood floors or pets.

Hardwood floors are a good choice for pet owners. Because they don't contain fibers that trap or retain allergens (such as microorganisms and dander), wood floors can be a healthier flooring option. Hardwood flooring is easier to maintain than carpeting. However, hardwood floors are easier to maintain than carpeting.

Choosing The Right Wood For Your Pets

It is not possible to modify the hardwood floor installed in San Diego. However, if you plan to have a hardwood floor replaced, it is important to consider the aesthetics of your home and how your pet will react.

If you have a pet dog, a more complex wood will be the best. The woods that are softened by dog nails can easily be damaged. Because hair, scratches, and dander can be more evident on darker-colored flooring, it is a good idea to choose light-to-medium colored hardwood. A lighter to medium-sized wood with a more prominent grain is better for concealing scratches. Oak, ash, and hickory are all options.

Choose a matte or satin finish for your floors when they are being finished. Shiny floors are only good for highlighting hair and scratches. These are best hidden.

Use Rugs In High-Traffic Areas

Rugs can protect floors where pets or people frequent most. They can add beauty and character to your home. Rubber backs can cause permanent damage to your floors.

Keep a rug underneath your pet's food and water dishes in order to absorb any drips or spillages. You should replace the rug immediately if it becomes damp to prevent damage from the water.

It's not enough to worry about Fido. Hardwood floors can also be dangerous for your cat. Move the litter box to another area that does not have hardwood flooring or place a mat under it.

Cat Accidents on Wood Floors

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. You shouldn't be afraid of your pet urinating onto your wood floor. A bottle of hardwood floor enzyme cleaner should be kept on hand. This will remove the stench and prevent future problems. The enzyme cleaner can be used to clean up any spillages as soon as possible. San Diego Flooring can be used to clean hardwood floors.

Keep your dog's nails trimmed

This will help to minimize the damage to your wooden floors, and it is also good for your dog. Imagine how your feet will feel if you didn't trim your toenails.

No matter what flooring type you have, pets will cause damage to your floors. It is worth it. They are worth the love and support they provide. For a free estimate, get in touch with us when you need to refinish floors. We are happy to meet your furry friends, too.


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