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Fort Scratchley

May 26

About Fort Scratchley

Fort Scratchley has long been associated with the history of Newcastle, New South Wales. It was a prominent lookout point and also had coal seams that were easily accessible around its base - both factors which helped early settlers thrive in this region's harsh environment
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The former coastal defence installation of Fort Scratchley is now a museum. It was built in 1882 to protect the city against a Russian attack, but its guns weren't fired until June 8th 1942 during shelling by Italian forces just outside Newcastle's borderlines! After being abandoned for nearly 50 years by the Australian Army all facilities have been removed from the site leaving only ruins that are preserved as historical buildings so we can remember what life was like there before modern technology made us safe enough again.

Fort scrachtley

What to do in Fort Scratchley

Today, visitors can explore the history and stunning views of this coastal Fortification from its commanding position. The site is open for exploration at your own pace or joins one of many guided tours that will take you deeper into what's here! It may be difficult so make sure to bring plenty of questions because they go through quite a lot in detail about how everything works - see their website for more information on where these things are located once inside.

Visitors to Fort Scratchley can explore the history and views from this coastal fortification, or take one of many self-guided tours that go deeper into its facility. It's quite a labyrinth so it might be helpful if you join an introductory tour! Art lovers will be captivated by the numerous art pieces that line this historic site. From humble beginnings as a military fort in 18th century England to its present-day location as one of Canada’s most prominent museums, you are sure not want to miss out on any aspect when taking part or just watching from afar!

Fort- Newcastle

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