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Carpet Repair Service In Cincinnati, OH

Jan 23

Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati Ohio Best Carpet Repair & Stretching Services By Compass Carpet Repair & Cleaning Services.

Professional carpet repair & stretching services you can rel get job done Spruce up your carpet with our affordable carpet
services. Northern Kentucky – Cincinnati,Ohio trusted local carpet repair specialist.

With years of experience in carpet installations and repairing in residential homes. We provide you common problems you may need help

with. Don’t just hire a local handyman for the job. Call a professional carpet expert. Compass Carpet Repair & Cleaning mission help local Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, Ohio home owners and renters save money on carpet services.

Providing Fisher Homes & Drees homes with best carpet services.


 Majority of our services we occur helping our customers with repairing carpets:

  • Pets chew or claw carpet around door frames, corner of rooms to leave unpleasant frayed holes/tears.
  • Carpet wrinkles throughout the home due to poor installation, heavy traffic walk areas, acclimation of room and heavy furniture pushed around.
  • Basement flooded and needs be re-installed with new padding due to sump pump failure or roof leak.
  • Areas of carpet that needs carpet replacement. Steps, smaller rooms and hallways due to heavy traffic or pet stains and odor.
  • Transitions near wood or tile pulling from the edge making the tack strip exposed. May also occur with common tap down metals to
    fray from most installers use. Happens often from poor inconsistent
    stretch with knee kicker and improper fastening of the edge.
  • Berber carpet loops being pulled apart from vacuum. Berber has one strand of loop continuous
  • Carpet dry cleaning after carpet re-stretching help remove wrinkle marks and sanitize dirty carpets.
  • Hardwood under my carpet looks better and need taken out. carpet removal.

Situation you may occur with your carpet; we’re here help prevent it before it gets worst. New carpet is expensive.

Paying only a small fraction of cost using our services.

Compass Carpet Repair & Cleaning Services: Stretching, patching, re-installation, transitions

Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, OH local carpet repair and cleaning small family owned business.

You’ll have direct contact to the carpet specialist christian that will walk you through and give knowledge what’s best for your carpet.


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– Christian


Carpet Repair & Cleaning Services Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati, OH

Majority of most installers still today are using a knee kicker to stretch carpet in homes.Especially newly built homes. With no tension holding the carpet, becomes wrinkled near high traffic areas. Your once new carpet may came from a reputable local store or from big box store but still regardless fall victim to poor installation. Carpet may also wrinkle from water damage, heavy furniture, acclimation of temperature and simply being worn out. A accumulation of reasons together often problems for most home owners.
We’ll provide you best results with carpet stretching with process of power stretching & leave your carpet looking new again. We’ll provide you furniture moving along with the process. Compass Carpet Repair providing Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, OH best carpet stretching services.
Call or Text Message learn more about our carpet stretching servicing.

Has your puppy, or your playful cat chewed and clawed through your carpet? With carpet patching we’ll section out the bad spot with
your extra carpet from prior installation or purchase a remnant that matches close to use for your closet. Pay only small fraction of cost purchasing new carpet. With any carpet patch, some visibility may show. Overtime, of walking over it; carpet will blend. Structurally we takethe time of manipulating the fibers for lay together for it look appealing. With stains we highly suggest cleaning it before patching. 

Carpet patching regardless of size and type of carpet can be repaired. Depending of situation, we suggest sending pictures of carpet damage to help better serve you. Carpet patching pet damage, stains in Cincinnati,OH & Northern Kentucky area.

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A poor sump pump system fails, cracks in concrete basement floor or maybe a roof leak. Regardless the situation its frustrating to have fans and humidifiers running for days to dry the area.

If you have called a restoration company, you may had them peel back your carpet and remove wet padding. Comes to re-installing your carpet with new padding. A typical handyman often times your carpet is dealt with leaving with poor seam structure and no proper stretch and leaving your carpet looking terrible.

Get in touch with us for reasonable price and professional results you would get from a new installation.

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Finish edge near wood or tile gives a clean appearance, rather use of flat metal or T-Mold. Carpet is tucked to fit which the tack strip holds the hard surface edge nicely. Often times carpet edge will become loose and become a spot where you throw a throw rug on top to prevent it becoming worst.Often times a poor stretch, tucked improper and not fasten with glue or carpet tacks will lead to expose edge showing tack strip and eventually left too long become frayed out. With metal bars known as tap-down metals will slip out of transition from prior installers not hitting the metal down or cut too short to reach. Power stretching the carpet transition back into place will also leave your room tighter. Call us today have us touch up your transitions. 
Call or Text Message learn more about our carpet transitions servicing.
We’ll provide smaller carpet installations; we’ll install prior old carpets to other rooms or often times new carpet from local carpet stores. With majority installers today, primary focus is rush the installation and to the next work scheduled. Leading carpets with poor seams & stretching. Commonly a knee kicker is often times for most faulty installs. A room, flight of steps or hallways we can provide you top notch installation for carpet to long lasting life time. Affordable carpet installation rates in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, OH.
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Dry carpet cleaning has become more beneficiary in today’s homes. With positives of carpets dry in just few hours. Breaks down and captures the dirt and organic stains with the help of organic safe cleaning agents.

Process of vacuuming first, treating your stains and finished with rotatory clean, we can give you outstanding results!

Often times carpets need cleaned after repairs, especially carpet stretching and basement re-installations from floods. As a side service we can provide cleanings.

Call or Text Message learn more about our carpet dry cleaning services.


Hard surfaces often trap dirt in groves and edges of hard wood and some of your luxury vinyl plank floors.Pets will drag in mud and hairs that can be frustrating to clean up. Have us deep clean your floor, without the effort scrubbing your floor on your hands and knees.
 Call or Text Message learn more about our hard surface cleaning servicing.
Stairs are commonly show a area you may see finished hardwood under your carpet. Pulling the carpet in a corner, can visualize your home with no carpet. Hardwood has its benefits with easier to clean and may look more appealing what your home may have now in carpets. Ripping out carpet can be rather difficult and frustrating to deal with hauling it away. We’ll provide you carpet and padding removal and haul it away.Prep the floor of removal of staples and tack strips. 
Call or Text Message learn more about our carpet removal and prep servicing.